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Introduction to Stråla Yoga

Stråla Yoga (founded by Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor), draws on movement principals of Tai Chi and Qi Gong as well as other concepts from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu practices.
This 2 hour workshop will help guide you to move with ease through focusing on softness, breath body connection, moving from your center, and other natural movement concepts. Stråla isn’t about endpoints such as poses, but rather the process of how to you move your body as you get in to them. This helps people drop tension and pay attention on what their body and mind can do for them. We will begin the first half of the workshop with a few natural movement exercises and end the second half the workshop with a gentle yoga flow!

Upcoming Dates: Check back for upcoming dates!

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Partner Restorative Yoga with Shiatsu

Bring a loved one or meet someone new to do share your yoga practice with! In this 2 hour workshop we will go over some Shiatsu techniques perfect for combining with during restorative yoga poses. While one person is holding the restorative posture the other can perform the Shiatsu on them and then and take turns switching the roles. When I learned how to practice Shiatsu the biggest takeaway I got was that the giver and receiver both feel good and in harmony with each other. As Sam Berlind (the Shiatsu Practitioner that I trained under) says: “It’s about creating relationship between the giver and the receiver, not doing something to someone but, instead, being with someone.” Restorative Yoga with the addition of this kind touch and support can feel even more rejuvenating. We will begin the first half of the workshop learning some basic techniques and the second half doing a Restorative yoga class with Shiatsu provided by yours truly!

Upcoming Dates: Check back for upcoming dates!