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Good Karma

I have yet another bus station story to share.. If you’ve read my last one called Spirituality you’ll know what I am referring to. Is it just a coincidence that I have these nice stories to share that make me think of spiritualism after I go to the Toms River Park and Ride? Who knows. But this story actually started at my workplace. So let’s start from the beginning.

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So I looked up the actual definition of this word because I wasn't sure how to define it myself. Does being spiritual mean you are religious? Does it mean you don't believe in scientific facts? I don't think either of those is true but I am still having trouble finding the words.  Here is something I found interesting on Wikipedia's page for spirituality:

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It’s my favorite time of the year. Ramadan moves up about 15 days every year, so my favorite time of the year is always a different part of the year. The last several Ramadan's have been some of the toughest ones I have experienced. When Ramadan falls during the summer, the days are longer and hotter. The lack of food and water may sound like the hard part but for me, it’s the lack of sleep.

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