New Years Resolutions


This year seemed to go by so quickly and it feels like I have had more new experiences this year than ever (positive and negative ones). I almost got married, got my heart broken in a way I never realized it could be (believe it or not that's two different stories: the first one I have yet to write about and the second one you can find here), explored 4 different cities, experienced life out to sea on an aircraft carrier,  and so much more. I don't usually have new years resolutions because I don't like to to put January 1st on a pedestal. The truth is any time of the year can be a good time to set a goal. Why wait till the new year? That being said since I have been reflecting on all the goals I have accomplished (I wrote about some of those accomplishments here and here) and I thought I'd share some that I have just recently started working on. I am definitely going to carry these goals into the new year.

I want to become a better listener because I know I can be quite the chatterbox. I'd like to think I am good friend who listens to my friends problems whenever they need someone to do so. In fact three different people have approached me since reading some of my posts. It's nice to know people can come to me. Maybe that means I am more emotionally intelligent than I thought. However, I realized from this recent experience that while some people do seek advice, other times people just want to be heard. That's what this blog helps me do...knowing anyone could read it makes me feel heard. I sincerely hope I can give that same feeling to people when they approach me to talk about anything.

I want to continue to get better at letting go. Letting go of anything that doesn't serve me in any kind of way. Let go of things I can't control when they bring me pain. I want to fill up like a balloon and let all the air out and breathe more often. Let go of my ego, my confusion, and my sorrow. And then I want this emptiness I get from letting go to be filled with my true needs and desires. I believe that this kind of filled space is essential for true happiness.

I want to narrow my focus on four different things. I won't mention the exact four things because I allow them to shift and change depending on what's happening in my life at the moment. However, a friend and I who are very similar in the way we are interested in pursuing so many different goals always have conversations about the best way to approach this. We decided that four is the magic number. It doesn't mean we can only do these four things and nothing else. It just means that we have to focus most of our time on these things while also taking time to recharge. I was inspired to have this goal by a caption I read on Instagram post a while ago but I can't remember who posted it on my feed. I tried to look up to see if in fact four is the magic number but I couldn't find any theories. Regardless I think that is a pretty good number. What are your thoughts?

I'll end my list here for now. Perhaps I'll write another post when develop more goals that I'd like to work on. Happy New Year everyone!