Dating Series: Conclusion

I think I'll conclude this series (for now) with this post since there's not much going on in my dating life at the moment that I care to write about. I have dated a few more guys recently but nothing serious. Maybe I'll come back to writing more posts for this series when I have learned more or if I meet another man who has some kind of profound affect on me. Although it would be a little awkward to write about someone as I am dating him. Don't you think? I only recently started publicizing my blog and its slowly starting to get more views. I wonder what they would think if they read it. They would probably think I am strange...why on earth would anyone reveal such intimate details of their dating life to the whole world? To answer that question I'd like to say that this experience has been very cathartic. I know that not everyone in the world is actually going to read all this and that most people in life might not read it all. But knowing that anyone could read it gives me a sense of freedom I have never had before. People can read and judge me and I wont have to answer them. People can read and feel inspired and even if I don't know who it is that gives me a little tingly feeling of fulfillment.  I suppose there are things about my life that I will never share, not on this blog or with anyone in my life. Those experiences will only be known about by me. But the more I am willing to share the more space that opens up inside me. Writing this series has been my favorite so far. I never even realized just how much I actually learned from my experiences until I decided to write it all out. I hope you continue to read my posts. Thank you so much.