Good Karma

I have yet another bus station story to share.. If you’ve read my post called Spirituality you’ll know what I am referring to. Is it just a coincidence that I have these nice stories to share that make me think of spiritualism after I go to the Toms River Park and Ride? Who knows. But this story actually started at my workplace. So let’s start from the beginning. My boss approached my coworkers and I with his daughter’s girl scout cookies sheet. He said we didn't have to feel obligated to buy anything but he thought asking people at work would be a good idea. I looked at the options and I immediately thought why is a small bunch of salted roasted cashews 8 dollars? And after that thought I immediately had another one: Actually it's not about the overpriced items. This is about making a little girl really happy. All I have to do is sign this paper and give my boss 8 dollars. And so that’s exactly what I did. Now I only recently started getting into the habit of carrying cash around. I imagine it's a good habit to have since I don't like paying extra money for ATM fees. That same day I went to the bus station because I was planning on spending the weekend in New York. As usual I had pay to park my car at the station for 3 days. And then I realized: I have to go to the ATM to withdraw money to pay for my parking. I rolled my eyes at myself thinking why wasn’t I carrying more cash with me...again. Sigh. Oh well I thought as I was about to make my way to the ATM machine. And then suddenly the woman next to me asked me if I had cash to pay for parking. I said no but I’ll just get it from the ATM. And she said nonsense! Don’t pay extra for parking when you don’t have too. I’ll pay for your parking. How much do you need? I immediately told her that she really didn't have to and I’d feel bad for taking her money especially if I don't need it. And she said no it's okay if she pays for my parking she will have done a good deed. And for some reason my thoughts immediately went to the good deed I had done earlier that day. Perhaps neither of these good deeds had to do with each other. And perhaps karma doesn't exist and either of these would have happened if the other one did not. But I couldn't shake the feeling that they could be directly related. A part of me feels silly to think that way but another part of me is extremely happy about it.

It's little things like this that can make my day. I guess I was already having a pretty good day. In fact I didn't think my day could get any better but somehow it did. It was definitely because I was aware of the two good deeds that took place that day. But it was also because believing the possibility that good karma can exist and that I had good karma also made me happy. Excited even. It made me think that there is some good in this world and I get to be a part of it.

Similarly to my last bus station story where I explain that it doesn't matter if spirituality exists, I am trying to explain that it doesn't matter if karma actually exists or not. Doing good deeds can make you happy. It doesn't have to be the greatest deed of all time. It could be as simplistic as giving someone a warm smile and it could be something that is very convenient for you. It will make you appreciate the good things that people do for you. Even more than you expect yourself to appreciate it. And that in itself is enough to want to do good deeds.