About Me

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Hi I am Farihah. Or more commonly known by my Bengali name: Shukie. This is a personal blog that covers many different topics of wellness such as mental health, nourishing food, and a yoga practice that can make you feel amazing. I love to write because it is my outlet for understanding myself. I find my writing has helped others who can relate so I hope it helps you too. I love to cook especially for others and my recipes are a way to show that food and healthy eating is truly for everyone. And finally I am a yoga guide. I guide public classes, workshops, and private lessons. You can read more about my practice and guiding here. I am going to start online classes soon so more people can practice with me. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!

Quick Rundown of Me

Ethnicity/Nationality: Bengali American

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY in a cute little neighborhood called Greenpoint

Languages: English, Bangla

Age: 26

Occupation: Engineer and Yoga Teacher

Hobbies:  practicing martial arts, nature walks, food photography, modeling, and writing